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The Applegate Fire District is about people helping people. For most of us, life goes on from one day to the next without giving a second thought to all the risks around us. The house fire, brush fire, heart attack, traffic accident or other life threatening emergencies that always seem to happen to someone else. Sometimes those events happen close to home, involving someone we know, and that causes us to pause for a minute and think about those who were involved.

How many times have you watched a situation and wanted to jump in and help, but could not? It takes a very dedicated and diversified team to provide emergency services. Being a member in the Fire Service is one of the most honored and respected positions in the community. You are actively serving your Applegate Valley Neighbors.

The Fire District is made up of people from all walks of life. When you become a part of an organization like this you become part of a family. We have a few employees, but most personnel are volunteers; Firefighters, Medics, Board members, Budget Committee and our auxillary group the Friends.

Some volunteers seek valuable experience in their pursuit of a career in the fire service while many others join to fulfill a need to serve their community. The Friends of the Applegate Fire District support the Fire District’s efforts through fundraising, hosting events and providing food and water or other necessities on extended incidents. Through the success of the yard sale, each year they are able to purchase much needed equipment for the Fire District. They also host three annual events that promote camaraderie and appreciation for the firefighters and their families. These events include the Awards Banquet, a Firefighter Picnic and a Christmas Dinner.

The Friends meet each third Tuesday of the month at Headquarters in Ruch at 6:00 pm to plan these events. If you are interested in joining our family or have any ideas or comments, please feel free to come join the monthly meeting, or phone the District Office 899-1050. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you,

Tallie Jackson
Office Manger

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